Press Screening of Sixth Bus Kicks Off First Day of Pula Film Festival

 Press Screening of Sixth Bus Kicks Off First Day of Pula Film Festival


The fist day of the 69th Pula Film Festival started with the press screening of Sixth Bus, directed by Eduard Galić, which the audience will get to see tonight at the opening ceremony.

After the screening, artistic director of Pula Film Festival Pavo Marinković and director of the Public Institution Pula Film Festival Tanja Miličić, spoke to the representatives of the media.

Director Miličić thanked the many representatives of the media for their interest and wished them a pleasant and interesting eight days in Pula. In his introductory speech, Pavo Marinković spoke about the screenings of Croatian and international films (of which six co-productions), and emphasised the importance of the Industry Programme, which will, among other things, focus not only on the challenges Pula Film Festival is facing, but also Croatian film in general.

The film crew of Sixth Bus, composed of director Eduard Galić, producers Dominik Galić and Robert Piršl, co-producer Dario Domitrović, and actors Marko Petrić and Rade Vulin, presented the film in the foyer of Valli Cinema following the press screening. Director Eduard Galić thanked the entire film crew for all their effort and congratulated the actors on their extraordinary roles. He underlined that this is a topic that he has been tackling through various forms, and the idea of making the film came naturally. He admits that knowing a lot about the topic made it more difficult for him, and, as his son Dominik, the producer, says, he had to find a compromise to make the film interesting to people who are not as familiar with the topic. Actors Petrić and Vulin agree that the screenplay is extraordinary, very shocking, and documentarist in nature, and that it was a great joy to work together and learn from a great director as Eduard Galić, who gave them a huge opportunity.

The opening ceremony will take place this evening at 9.30. Iva Šulentić and Ivan Vukušić will host the ceremony, and singer Natali Dizdar will perform the Croatian national anthem. President Zoran Milanović, Minister of Culture and Media Nina Obuljen Koržinek, Istria Country Prefect Boris Miletić, and Pula Mayor Filip Zoričić have announced their attendance at the opening ceremony.

The programme, as well as the detailed screening schedule and any other information can be found on the official webpage of the Festival

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