Wednesday, July 20 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
Valli Cinema


Facilitator: Ljubo Joseph Lasić
Jury: Osnat Bukofzer, Daniela Cölle, Oliver Neumann
Language: English
With the participation of: authors of the selected films

Work in progress films are a central part of the Industrial Programme during which film professionals will present their films in production stage to the representatives of film distribution: sales agents, consultants and film festival delegates. In addition to majority Croatian projects, minority co-productions will also be presented – a total of 13 new projects.

The international jury consisting of Osnat Bukofzer, Daniela Cölle and Oliver Neumann will present several valuable awards. The following films will be presented: Ana (dir. Anđelo Jurkas), The Wrath of God (dir. Kristijan Milić), Diary of Pauline P. (dir. Neven Hitrec), Pula (dir. Andrej Korovljev), Seventh Heaven (dir. Jasna Nanut ), Shadow of the Mediterranean (dir. Ivan Jović), Sweet Simona (dir. Igor Mirković), Death of the Little Match Girl (dir. Goran Kulenović), The Stigmas (dir. Zdenko Jurilj), This Is Not a Love Song (dir. Nevio Marasović), Lunatic (dir. Igor Šterk), What’s To Be Done? (dir. Goran Dević), Sweet Sorrow (dir. Kosta Đorđević).

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