PULA & FILM is a programme that will take place every day from July 18 to July 22 at 11:00 a.m. at Festival Island located in front of Valli Cinema, Giardini 1. Through conversations with actors, authors, producers, directors, editors, film musicians and artists, born or living in Pula, we will discover what ties them to Pula, to film, to their careers and to the Festival. They will talk about their beginnings and their plans for the future, and maybe reveal to us something new and interesting. Those unable to listen to ntheir live talks while sipping their morning coffee, will be able to tune in to Radio Pula which will broadcast their conversations.

The moderator of the event is Jadranka Nišević.

18 July
Dijana Vidušin (actress) and Borko Perić (actor in the films The Sixth Bus and Savages)

19 July
Nika Ivančić (actress), Ivor Ivezić (editor on the film Butterfly Vision), Danilo Lola Ilić (director, editor and cameraman)

20 July
Vedran Živolić (actor, member of the Student Programme jury) and Filip Križan (actor in the film Illirycvum)

21 July
Alen Sinkauz (music on the film), Andrej Korovljev (director: Work in progress films and PulaPitch TV Series Arena

22 July
Igor Galo and Romina Vitasović (actress and moderator of the programme in the Arena) and Zdenka Gold (producer of the film Kick and Scream)

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