Nikola Predović: Horror at Makina: Poster Photography

Makina Gallery

DURATION: July 15 – September 1
OPENING: 15 July, 8 p.m.

Nikola Predović (Split, 1976), unit film photographer shooting action in front of the cameras and behind them. His photographs are used in marketing the films, in TV series, on billboards, in social network campaigns – across the world on multiple platforms. However, his priority on set is for the actors and crew to work uninterrupted, and so the photographs are an important link to the audience. They do not have precedence on set, and the photographer is required to work as harmoniously as possible with the crew, often times in tight spaces, and establish nonverbal communication with the actors.

Nedeljko Dragić: Design and Illustration 1969-1991


DURATION: July 14 - 29
OPENING: GALLERY HUiU, 14 July, 7 P.M. // SKUC GALLERY, 14 July, 9 P.M.

This exhibition brings together the most important work of the prominent Croatian film artist, animator, cartoonist and illustrator Nedeljko Dragić in graphic design and illustration. The exhibits include posters for plays and various cultural and tourist events and institutions, book covers, extremely successful and popular mascots, magazine design, commission films for Croatian and international clients, etc.

And Now, Film and Music

Pula Rock Gallery

DURATION: July 13 – August 13
OPENING: July 13, 9 p.m.

The exhibition evokes memories of Pula, a city of film, from 50 years ago. Memorabilia from personal archives of the time when everybody had their favourite actor, actress, film… The festival week brought a touch of glamour to Pula. Buses were running late at night, after the end of the second film screening at the Arena, the shops were open later, midnight rounds of bread were baked; the city bustling with people; faces from TV; parents gave longer curfews… Pula inhabitants lived with their film festival, had their own spots for watching “the rockets”, as well as their spots in and around the Arena for watching the films.


Valli Cinema

DURATION: July 16 – 24

Successful cooperation between Pula Film Festival and the Croatian Film Archives makes possible the unique exhibition H-8 by Daniel Rafaelić. The exhibition documents all stages of the making of the best Croatian film, the masterpiece H-8 by Nikola Tanhofer. A series of photographs extremely important for the history of Croatian film, the author contrasts the photographs from the set with the official, promotional photographs. For the first time, one can follow all of the stages of making the film at one place (during the Festival) – from the production design sketches all the way to the premiere in Pula. The exhibition will be accompanied by the screening of the digitally restored copy of the film.

Think Film: Cinemaniac XXI

Pula City Gallery

DURATION: July 15 - 25
OPENING: July 17, 8 p.m.


ORGANISER: Apoteka – Space for Contemporary Art
PARTNERS: Pula Pula Film Festival, Pula City Gallery
CO-ORGANISERS: Waldinger Gallery, City Galleries
THANKS to artists. Bonobo Studio, Kino Rebelde

This exhibition is financed by the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia, Croatian Audiovisual Centre, City of Pula, and County of Istria.

This exhibition names, includes, and emphasises the work of female artists and the artistic work of women, and is formed as a temporary constellation of several recent works by female artists that create a dialogue of artistic phenomena within the group exhibition and open up the space of thinking and acting which deals with the position of female artists in the art system and artistic work, as well as their position in society. Along with the authors Sanja Iveković, Lynne Sachs, Martina Meštrović, and Tanja Vujasinović, the exhibition also has notable international female artists who are part of the anthology of avant-garde film: Gunvor Nelson, Barbara Hammer, Carolee Schneeman.

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