Second Day of Pula Film Festival Kicks Off with the Press Screening of Even Pigs Go to Heaven

 Second Day of Pula Film Festival Kicks Off with the Press Screening of Even Pigs Go to Heaven


The press screening of Even Pigs Go to Heaven, directed by Goran Dukić, started the second day of the 69th Pula Film Festival.

A press conference was held after the screening, where, along with moderator Boško Picula, the film crew presented the dramedy that follows the all-knowing narrator Jesus Christ, sly auntie Anka, and chatty pig Beba in the rolling hills of the Croatian region of Zagorje during the war of the 1990s, when the entire Croatia was facing a war, but the Zagorje region had its own stories. One of them is the disappearance of the hog Beba, who the owner, Anka, wants to breed with the local pig, leading to a range of twists and turns that include personal, local, and political motives, and in terms of weapons, only a hunting rifle and a plastic gun.

Director Goran Dukić, screenwriter Sandra Antolić, producer Nina Petrović, actress Nataša Dorčić, and costume designer Morana Starčević attended the press conference at the foyer of Valli Cinema.

Following his long career in America, Goran Dukić returned to film in Croatia, which made him very happy during the time of the pandemic. Filming was demanding also because of the fact that the main protagonist, along Nataša Dorčić, is a pig named Beba, and the crew had to follow her pace and satisfy and respect her needs. Producer Nina Petrović said it was an interesting experience she doubts she will ever have again. Nataša Dorčić also spoke about the funny moments on set involving her film “partner” Beba, and last year’s winner Sandra Antolić spoke about the process of writing the screenplay and then the book. With a specific combination of irony and warmth, the novel shows images of rural life that is, both in the novel and in the film, presented as a space of authentic emotions and a picturesque allegory full of funny anecdotes, but also real comedy of errors. Costume designer Morana Starčević said she was inspired by the liveliness and colours of rural areas, and not that much with the period, as one might have expected. The film crew praised the rest of the team who did not attend the press conference, emphasising the score by Cinkuši, make-up artist Mojca Gorogranc Petrushevska, and editor Ivana Fumić.

Even Pigs Go to Heaven will have its world premiere at 9.30 this evening at the Arena.

The programmes, as well as the detailed schedule of screenings and all other information can be found on the official webpage of the Festival:

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