DIRECTOR: Nikola Tanhofer


COUNTRY: Hrvatska

YEAR / DURATION: 1958 • 108’

GENRE: drama, disaster


  • SCREENPLAY: Zvonimir Berković, Tomislav Butorac
  • CINEMATOGRAPHY: Slavko Zalar
  • EDITOR: Radojka Ivančević
  • ORIGINALNA GLAZBA: Dragutin Savin
  • ACTORS: Antun Vrdoljak, Boris Buzančić, Mia Oremović, Stane Sever, Pero Kvrgić, Marija Kohn, Fabijan Šovagović, Ljubica Jović, Đurđa Ivezić, Vanja Drach, Mira Nikolić, Marijan Lovrić, Antun NalisIvan Šubić, Siniša Knaflec, Rudolf Kukić, Andro Lušičić
  • PRODUCERS COMPANY: Jadran film
  • DISTRIBUTION / SALES AGENT: Hrvatski filmski savez
  • FESTIVALS AND AWARDS: Pula film festival 1958 – Velika zlatna Arena za najbolji film. Mar del Plata Film Festival 1959



Based on the real events of a car accident on a rainy night. The car driver causes a bus and a truck to collide, and then flees the scene. Witnesses can only remember the fist letter and number of the licence plate: H-8. Neither the car, nor the owner have ever been found. The passengers on the bus and in the truck before the collision. Not all of them survive.

H-8 has been digitalised and digitally restored within the Programme for the Protection and Restoration of Audiovisual Material in the Republic of Croatia, with support from the Croatian Audiovisual Centre (2K digital restoration: Ater and Klik film, Zagreb, 2020). The film was restored using the original negative and sound negative. The digitally restored version of the film was featured in the Venice Classics programme at Venice Film Festival in 2021.

About the director

Nikola Tanhofer (Sesvete, 1926 – Zagreb, 1998), film director and cinematographer, founder of the Department of film and television cinematography at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb. He has been active in cinematography since 1947, working at Jadran film and starting with film journals, moving on to feature films in 1949, then soon becomes one of the most prominent Croatian film cinematographers and directors of photography. He started directing in mid-1950s. Select filmography: It Was Not in Vain (1956), Happiness Comes at 9 O’clock (1961), Double Circle (1962), The Sunrise (1964), Indian Summer (1970). His film H-8 was named the best Croatian film of all time by film critics in 2020.


  • Valli Cinema – 17.07.2022



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