Song of the Black Mountains


Song of the Black Mountains

DIRECTOR: Kurt Breiness, Hans Natge

COUNTRY: Germany, Yugoslavia

YEAR / DURATION: 1933 • 88’

GENRE: adventure


  • CINEMATOGRAPHY: Herbert Körner, Kurt Neubert
  • SCORE: Josip Slavenski
  • ACTORS: Ita Rina, Blandine Ebinger, Ernst Dumke, Albert Kersten, Hinko Nučič, Heinz Salfner
  • PRODUCER: Erich Schikowski
  • DISTRIBUTION / SALES AGENT : Bundesfilmarchiv



Two cultures and two world views – German and Slavic – meet when German adventurers discover the cultural and natural wealth of our region, as well as love. Even though their fascination almost costs them their lives because of recklessness, intellect does prevail in mastering nature that offers the winners resources for a higher quality life.

Although German, this is also the first feature-length sound film with our language – in the melodies by Josip Štolcer-Slavenski, as well as in the dialogue.

About the director

Hans Natge (Berlin, 1893 – ?), photographer and director’s assistant. Song of the Black Mountains is his only film – he stepped after the original director, Kurt Blaines, who was a member of the Nazi Party,  treated the crew horribly.


  • INK – 22.07.2022



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