DIRECTORS: Silvina Schnicer, Ulises Porra

COUNTRY: Dominican Republic, Argentina

YEAR / DURATION: 2021 • 86’

GENRE: drama



  • SCREENPLAY: Ulla Prida, Ulises Porra, Silvina Schnicer
  • CINEMATOGRAPHY: Sergio Armstrong, Iván Gierasinchuk
  • EDITOR: Delfina Castagnino
  • SCORE: Andrés Rodríguez
  • ACTORS: Cecile Van Welie, Magnolia Nuñez, Adelanny Padilla, Genesis Buret, Richard Douglas, Ja-vier Hermida, Dimitri Rivera, Clara Luz Lozano, Yuberbi de la Rosa
  • PRODUCERS: Federico Eibuszyc, Alexandra Guerrero, Ulla Prida, Barbara Sarasola-Day
  • COMPANY: Wooden Boat Productions, Pucara Cine
  • FESTIVALS AND AWARDS: San Sebastián IFF – New Directors Award, Mar del Plata FF – APIMA Award, Miami FF, Zürich FF



At a big house by the sea, Sara and her nanny Yarisa have forged a friendship so intense that it goes beyond their class differences – it is closer to a mother-daughter ralationship. While Sara finds in Yarisa the affectionate mother she never had, Yarisa also finds in Sara an opportunity to escape the financial dramas of her humble background. That fantasy becomes affected when Yarisa finds herself forced to deal with her past and when a rainy night and a muddy road invaded by goats trigger chaos.

About the directors

Ulises Porra (Barcelona, 1982), illustrator, self-taught director and screenwriter, studied philosophy. Together with Silvina Schnicer, he wrote and directed the acclaimed film Tigre (2017), and is the author of the screenplay for the notable film The Accused (2018). Carajita is his second collaboration with Silvina Schnicer. Porra is currently working on writing and directing the film Under the Same Sun.

Silvina Schnicer (Buenos Aires, 1981), self-taught director and screenwriter, studied social communication. Together with Ulises Porra, she wrote and directed the acclaimed film Tigre (2017), while Carajita is their second collaboration. Schnicer is currently working on her next film La Quinta.


  • AMBRELA – 20.07.2022



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